Stand and Room hire


Distribution of stands

When registering, the exhibitors must choose a stand on our interactive stand plan in the registration system. The stands marked in red have already been booked by another exhibitor. Once an exhibitor has selected and confirmed a stand, the stand is immediately marked with company name in the registration system, so other exhibitors can see who has booked the stand.

Excluded from this process are the pre-booked stands that are assigned to our commercial associated members in advance. The allocation is made by the administration based on the commercial associated members wishes for size and design.

Use of stands

The leased stands cannot be used for any purpose other than the contingency-related exhibition without the written consent of Danish Emergency Mangement Organization. No other things / subjects are to be displayed that are not naturally connected to this issue, or things / subjects that are contrary to the interests and policies of Danish Emergency Mangement Organization.

Please note, in particular, that it’s only in the Sparekassen Fyn Arena that special, heavy and space-consuming equipment / vehicles are to be displayed. If this requirement is not met, the same square metre price as for Hall A will be charged.

For the safety of exhibitors’ liabilities, additional payments, etc., a security deposit of 5000 kr. is to be paid upon registration, regardless of the size of the stand.

Deposits can be used to offset purchases during the exhibition or stand as collateral for Danish Emergency Mangement Organization or OCC’s demands upon exhibitors, for example, by premature departure from the stand on Thursday, August 26th or for the purchase of stand material. If there is no outstanding balance after the Annual General Meeting, and all conditions have been met, the deposit will be returned as soon as possible after the AGM, expected at the end of September.


If the exhibitor’s participation / stand is to be cancelled before May 1, 2021, no charge is incurred. If you cancel before July 1, then 50 percent of the attendance / stand price will be paid. After that date, the entire amount is to be paid.


The halls are locked outside the opening hours of the exhibition, and OCC’s security guards, of course, patrol the area.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting – when the exhibitors have received their stand locations – OCC sends information and order forms to each exhibitor. In dialogue with individual exhibitors OCC then processes / carries out these orders. This includes booking technical installations, stand material, furniture, lighting, carpets, extra walls and so on.

OCC’s technical office is staffed for the run of the exhibition, should you need assistance and guidance.

During opening hours it’s important to note that free access to beverages and to quiet areas is offered to exhibitors in the Funen Room. During the installation and the removal of stands, food must be ordered separately from OCC.

With the purchase of a standard stand, exhibitors are entitled to receive free drinks per person for up to four people. Additional people have to pay for the actual cost of beverages, etc.

Included in the price of a stand is daily cleaning, heating / cooling and free Wi-Fi in the halls.

Outside the halls, an area with free parking is reserved for exhibitors.

Theme cafés

The use of premises as theme cafés must be in accordance with OCC’s guidelines, including service and waiting at tables, playing music, etc. All the expenses for an event in the café are to be borne by the exhibitor.


Installation can take place on:

Tuesday 24 August from 08.00 – 21.00

Wednesday 25 August from 07.00 – 09.00


Removal can take place on:

Thursday 26 August from 17.00 – 22.00

The Sparekassen Fyn Arena must be cleared on Friday morning at 08.00. Therefore, dismantling can only take place on Thursday.

Stands in Hall A can continue to be cleared on Friday 27 August from 08.00 – 16.00.


The shipment of goods is to be agreed with OCC, but can take place no earlier than Tuesday, August 24th at 08.00.

Goods must be collected no later than Friday, August 27th at 15.00.

Danish Emergency Mangement Organization and OCC have no opportunity to handle unloading, transport and storage of trade fair and empty goods. Please refer to OCC’s local forwarding agent ST Messe Logistik v/Steen Thorvaldsson, tel. 22 96 81 83 –, who has an office in OCC.

The above times are provisional and may be changed when the final programme is available. Admission outside the aforementioned times, the opening and closing of the exhibition hall is to be also agreed prior to the event.


In both halls, common consideration must be observed in relation to upsetting others. In the arena this also applies, in short intervals, taking others into account, and you must never, while there is activity on the stage, use machines, etc., such as release tools, motors, etc.

All use of machines should be limited to short-term demonstrations, preferably of not over one minute. When using machines, the applicable safety rules for the user and other spectators / participants must be observed, so that, for example, spills, splinters and individual sparks are handled securely and in safety. Note that smoke discharge must not trigger sprinklers and the ABA.

For the other uses of machines, etc., please refer to the outdoor demonstration area.

The use of water and foam is not permitted for reasons of electric power, etc., in ducts in the floor.

The use of naked flames is not permitted for the sake of fire safety and the warning system, the fire alarm, etc.

Liability and rights

The exhibitor is liable directly to Danish Emergency Mangement Organization for any negligent or intentional damage to the leased stand caused by exhibitors and their people, as well as exhibitors’ invited guests. The organiser is also liable for damages to the public in cases where OCC or the Danish Emergency Services’ insurance does not provide cover.

Any fees for licenses, Koda / GRAMEX or other rights holders and the like are to be borne by the exhibitor and are not covered by the Danish Emergency Services.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify the event prior to opening, if sales occur directly from the trade fair stands.

The exhibitor is responsible for any loss suffered by OCC as a result of the exhibitors or their people not leaving the rented stand on termination of the lease or removing the effects thereof.

The “Rules and Guidelines 1-4” for the use of OCC’s premises are applicable at all times.




Website and in-app advertising

It is possible to advertise on our Annual General Meeting website and in our app with banner ads.

On the website it’s possible to choose either a top banner or a side banner.

Be aware that top banners appear on all computers as well as on tablets. Side banners appear on computer screens where there is room for them, but not usually on tablets. Neither the top banner nor the side banner appear on phones.

Banner ads should be submitted to Danish Emergency Mangement Organization as finished JPG or gif files.

The banner measurements for the website are:

Top banner: 970×150 pixels – BUT top banners should be delivered in double size to ensure that they are also sharp on a tablet.

Side banner: 162×615 pixels

The banner measurements for an app are:

Banner: 828×200 pixels

We can regularly post the banner ads, so exhibitors are welcome to send them to us as soon as possible after registration. However, we must receive them by 21 July at the latest. Send the banners to

Banner advertising on Ørbækvej

We can offer a set of four banners on Ørbækvej on the way to central Odense, where approximately 30.000 cars pass by on a daily basis.

The setting up takes place approximately 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. The only requirement for content is that a place on the banner must be found to mention that Danish Emergency Mangement Organization will hold the Annual General Meeting at Odense Congress Centre on 25-26 August 2021.

This can also be done by means of an ’indirect’ referral, for example by text such as “Meet us at Stand X at Danish Emergency Mangement Organization’s Annual General Meeting on 25-26 August 2021.”

A completed file with banner text and background / photo must be supplied, the rights of which are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. Nearer the time we will provide the necessary technical details.

The banners are first offered to interested members and are not sold here; they are presented at the same time as the stands.

The price per banner for the entire period of approximately 14 days includes production in accordance with the supplied file, assembly and dismantling.

Material on a USB stick

As something new this year, all participants will be provided with a USB stick on arrival. It is possible for the exhibitor to put material onto this stick, but as a maximum of one document per exhibitor of up to 1 MB.

If you want, as an exhibitor, to award a prize to random participants, we intend to place “gift cards” on several USB sticks. Since we cannot guarantee that the participants will see the contents of the USB sticks at the Annual General Meeting, it is a requirement that the gift card can also be redeemed afterwards.

The material must reach us no later than July 21, 2021 via Task Communicator (more information will be sent by e-mail).


Rules and guidelines

Read Odense Congress Centre’s rules and guidelines 1-4 here.