Both participants and exhibitors have something to look forward to when the Annual Meeting 2024 takes place on the harbor front in Aalborg on the 10th and 11th of September.
As usual, Danske Beredskaber will present a strong professional program with presentations on rescue services and the function of rescue services in society.

With a unique location at the Port of Aalborg, participants and exhibitors can look forward to two spectacular and educational days.

Registration for the annual meeting will be opened on 31 May and sales of stands for the exhibitors will be opened on 1 May.


Monday 9 September

At 08.00 Exhibitors can start setting up their own stands.

At 12.00 The secretariat begins setting up for arrival, registration, etc.


Tuesday 10 September

At 08.00 The exhibitors man the stands and prepare for the Annual Meeting.

At 09.00 Official opening in front of the tent. The doors open to the tent.

At 10.00 Academic presentation ‘The stock market is on fire…

That was how the headlines in all Danish (and some foreign) media read on the morning of April 16, 2024. Hovedstadens Beredskab talks about the operational efforts, the specific challenges and the many lessons learned from an incident that you don’t experience every year. Hear about the operational tactical considerations, and hear both the operational staff and the operational management’s thoughts along the way. And then we turn on the high beam – because how do we take good care of our cultural heritage and become better at preventing fires in listed and iconic buildings?

At 11.45 – 13.00 Lunch.

At 1.30 pm Academic presentation ‘If the hybrid war comes…’

The security situation has changed significantly in a very short time, and in Denmark too we have to deal with the fact that the threat from hybrid attacks is increasing. But what exactly is a hybrid attack? How likely is it to happen in Denmark, and if so, what form will it probably take? And what will be the immediate consequences, especially seen through the eyes of emergency response.

At 16.00 Exhibition closes today.

At 18.00 Arrival and welcome drink for celebratory dinner.

At 18.30 – 21.00 Party dinner with individual features along the way. Afterwards, own time in Aalborg.

Wednesday 11 September

At 09.00 Exhibition opens.

At 10.00 Academic presentation ‘Which direction are we heading in?’

A contingency settlement is probably in place when we meet in September in Aalborg. The same is the financial agreement between municipalities and the Government. Where does that leave the preparedness, which is faced with many new tasks in a rapidly changing world? Are there enough resources to handle new tasks with energy transition, climate change, civil protection and increased need for recruitment, while we still have to put out fires, stop floods and help in traffic accidents? Danske Beredskaber invites you to a panel debate with municipal, national and professional voices.

At 11.45 – 13.00 Lunch.

At 15.00 Exhibition closes. Removal of stands etc. hereafter.

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