Sparekassen Fyn Arena

The Arena will provide a framework for the exhibition for more space-consuming and heavy equipment. The stands can be hired in two sizes; 50 square metres and 60 square metres. These types of stands will be supplied with electricity (the exhibitor pays for the consumption) and will be delineated by an outline on the floor. Walls are not allowed to be erected, but exhibitors may set up tents, their own roll up displays and so on.

OCC, Arena, numbered stand plan

Hall A

This hall will accommodate the displays for those exhibitors who have not brought bulky or heavy equipment to the Annual General Meeting. The stands are basically 6 metres wide and 3 metres deep. If the space becomes too cramped, purchase can be made of 3 X 3 metres, if logistically possible. We will make reservations for this.

OCC, Hall A, numbered stand plan

Outdoor exhibition

We offer a number of outdoor stands for exhibitors who have especially large items of stock such as cranes, or those who want to demonstrate space-consuming or noisy equipment. The stands can be purchased by contacting us at post@danskeberedskaber.dk, and the price is to be agreed upon according to your individual need for space.

OCC, outdoor exhibition

Theme cafés

We offer a number of theme cafés on Wednesday evening (Rooms 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) where exhibitors can invite participants to the AGM into their own thematic café from 21:30. The exhibitor rents the room and then handles the activities and entertainment that will take place in the chosen café. The content of the theme café is advertised and promoted in the AGM’s programme, and the exhibitor is free to advertise the event and to invite presenters, participants and guests.

OCC, rooms 


You can find the prices here.


Read the conditions for stand and room hire as well as advertising related to the Annual General Meeting here.

Rules and guidelines

Read Odense Congress Centre’s rules and guidelines 1-4 here.